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Semester 01 Semester 02 Semester 03
Management Concepts and Enterpreneurship Development
Business Communication
Accounting for Managers
Quantitative Methods for Managers
Organisational Behaviours
Managerial Economics
Environment Management
Employment and value oriented vantage learning

Business Law
Research Methods for Management
Operations Research
Financial Management
Human Resource Management
Marketing Management
Operations Management
Internship (Report + Viva-voice)
Emplyment and value oriented vantage learning contd..
Management information systems and cuber security
Business ethics and corporate governance
Strategic management
Elective Course I
Elective Course II
Elective Course III
Elective Course IV
Elective Course V
Emplyment and value oriented vantage learning contd..

Elective Course VI
Elective Course VII
Elective Course VIII
Project (Report + Viva-voce)
Comprehensive Viva-Voce