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Programme Electives

Human Resources   Marketing Management
  Oprations Management
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Financial Management   System Management   Logistics & Supply Chain
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1. Human Resources Management

III Semester
Training & Development
Organization Change and Development
Team Building
Stress Management and Counseling
Career Management
Participation Management
Performance Management
IV Semester
Compensation Management
Industrial Relation and Labour Law
Global Human Resources Management
Strategic Human Resources Management
Managing Diversity in Work Place

2. Marketing Management

III Semester
Customer Behaviour
Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
Marketing Research
Services Marketing
Product & Brand Management
Rural Marketing
Sales & Distribution Management

IV Semester
International Marketing
Retail Management
Strategic Marketing Management
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Digital Marketing

3. Operations Management

III Semester
Supply Chain and Logistics Management
Six Sigma and TQM
Healthcare Management
Service Operations Management
Facilities and Locations Management
Advanced Project Management
Advanced Maintenance Management

IV Semester
Business Process Reengineering
World Class Manufacturing
Technology Management and Excellence
Strategic Oprations Management
Innovation Management and new product development

4. Financial Management

III Semester
Financial Markets and Services
Project Finance
Strategic Financial Management
International Finance
Behavioral Finance
Personal Finance
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

IV Semester
Corporate Taxation
Management Control System
Financial Derivatives
Risk Management
Corporate Restructuring

5. System Management

III Semester
Software Analysis and Design
Software Engineering
Software Project Mnagement
Enterprise Resource Planning
Simulation for Mnagers
Social Media in Business

IV Semester
Artificial Intelligence - Applications in business
Knowledge Management
Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

6. Logistics & Supply Chain Management

III Semester
Supply Chain and Logistics Management
Facilities and Locations Management
Supply Chain risk modelling and management
Reverse supplky chain management
Knowledge management in supply chains
Global logistics and supply chains
International logistics and Materials handling

IV Semester
Green logistics and Supply chains
Retail Supply Chain Mangement
3PL and 4PL
Packing and Materials Handling
Supply Chain Practices